Tomboy to Adventurous Woman

Tomboy to Adventurous Woman

"LoAW is the homebase for women from all walks to gather and set off on an inspired life...." --Diane Sillan Isaacs

Michelle "Brownie" Pugh Author, “Lost and Found”

As an author of two outdoor adventure memoirs, I am a woman who believes in getting outside. I love that the LoAW gives all women easy access to information about a huge variety of outdoor activities in an ever-expanding number of areas.
Meet Kande Jacobsen - extraordinary adventurer!

Meet Kande Jacobsen - extraordinary adventurer!

Kande answers 5 questions about being an adventurous woman.
5 Questions for Adventurous Women

5 Questions for Adventurous Women

What drives adventurous women? Cindy Pope launches a new series to find the answer.
What's on YOUR bucket list?

What's on YOUR bucket list?

Check out our Adventure Ideas page!
Adventurous Women Unite!

Adventurous Women Unite!

Want to break from your routine? Expand your horizons? Challenge yourself? Make new friends? You're going to love The League of Adventurous Women... a national adventure network for women of all abilities.
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    Be adventurous! Check out our list of women’s adventure groups and clubs in your state! There are thousands of women just like YOU who want to join a team, enjoy the outdoors, or just try something new!

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  • Start a Group

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    It’s easy to start your own women’s adventure group.  We’ll help you get organized, then give you ideas, support and promotion!

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  • Group Support

    Batala a women's drum team

    The League provides outreach, support & promotion for women’s adventure organizations. We help groups connect with other clubs and potential members. Check out all the ways we can help you!

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    The U.S. Forest Service Needs You!

    Posted on January 11, 2017

    Applications must be received by January 20, 2017.

    Come Rocks or High Water

    Posted on October 17, 2016

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  • Adventurous Women Unite!

    The League of Adventurous Women is a national network of independent groups and clubs. We support women who want to hike, bike, camp, climb, fish, hunt, sail, shoot, ski, golf, run, enjoy the outdoors and more!

    We hope you’ll use this website to

    The League is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization so our donors and sponsors enjoy a tax deduction as well as the knowledge that they are helping women across the country.

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    The League offers women a safe and supportive environment to connect with each other and to push ourselves physically and mentally. Through adventure women gain confidence and courage. It changes lives. 

    Stacy Allison, First American Woman to Summit Mt. Everest

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